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About Us

We are a beauty and Spa center with almost 2 decades of hands-on facial experience and the official distributor of premium skin care products such as “Skin Paradise”, “Bemani”, “Etre Diva” and “L’ArcenCial”.


Skin Paradise’s vision is to make our customers feel beautiful and loved through the quality of our skincare products and services. As a reputable and trusted skincare company, we strive to make all women feel pampered and treated like a queen during their consultation, treatment and post treatment through the usage of our premium products at an affordable price because they deserve the best.


Our business philosophy is to provide result-oriented products and services to our customers using all-natural skincare products as much as possible. At Skin Paradise, we believe that all women are born to be a Diva who should shine with their beautiful skin. With over 17 years of experience, our team of beauticians can formulate a facial treatment routine with matching products for each and every customer and deliver their desired results, which will work best for their unique skin type.


We are proud that many of our products have won multiple awards, it marks the excellent quality of our products and it’s the proven track record of our signature treatments.


A Day In Skin Paradise

Our products are the vital component of our company, we also take pride in our team of skilled and experienced beauticians and consultants.


In Skin Paradise, we are firm believers of continuous learning and constant upgrade of skills and knowledge. We keep up with the latest technology and treatment trend and periodically send our team to trainings and seminars to upgrade their skills so they can provide the best service to our customers.


To anyone joining our team, we provide a comprehensive insurance coverage, annual staff retreats, trainings, performance bonus, annual trips and experience sharing to our team members to motivate them and to make them feel at home like a family. In Skin Paradise, our team is a family and we help and support each other in our professional and personal growth. No one is alone in Skin Paradise.